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Macross 7 Encore

Macross 7 Encore was a two part OAV put out after the series ended. Although not a part of the official timeline, Encore is an entertaining couple of stories. The first part finds Sally and Miho watching a special program on new rock sensations Fire Bomber! The television special's version of events is as accurrate as Do You Remember Love? but the truth is revealed as well. The second part focuses on Millia's illness; convinced she has very little time to live, Millia determines to marry off Mylene so she doesn't have to worry. The results are, of course, a mess - but Millia tops herself by stealing a sound booster and flying into space to sing her goodbye to the city and people she loves. Of course, Millia is not going to die anytime soon, but her farewell is hilarious, and surprisingly poignant.


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