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The Max and Millia Image Gallery

"Who ever loved that loved first sight?

"It would appear, Sir, that she cannot resist the charms of that Micronian pilot...."

"I'm no longer alone because I have you."

"Our stares don't meet - morning is too far away"

"It is you I miss - it's you who's on my mind - it's you I cannot leave behind.
It's me who's lost - the me who's lost my heart - to you who tore my heart apart.
If you still think of me, How did we come to this?
Wish I knew it's me you miss..."

"When we're not together, half of everything is missing.."

"The universe is drawing to its close...I won't give up while I have love....
Hurry, Believe in yourself...Again my heart is behind you...
Don't turn around...Don't look back again."

"As the moment becomes forever, spread your wings... no matter what you say, I'll never let go of your hand."

"Love will save your heart"

"Love will save this world"

"Love will light the Light."

"In a city that balances sadness and smiles, stopped and looked up, the sky goes on forever..Power of a person can be weak, but its not so bad after all. With a brave heart, untainted eyes...Be there by your side forever, remember that."

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