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Macross 7

"I still don't know the reason we forgot the promise we made that time With the same strength, at the same speed, even now on the way to a dream I still don't know the reason we lost that all-consuming love The sad time deep within your heart, you must always remember"

Macross 7 is a sequel to Macross which first came out in 1994. The story revolves around a rock band, Fire Bomber!, which includes among its members Mylene Jenius, seventh daughter to Max and Millia Jenius. Max appears as Captain of Battle 7 and Commander of th Macross 7 Fleet and Millia appears as Mayor of City 7. Max and Millia are separated, but they come closer together again throughout the series. A third farmiliar face is Advisor Exedor, the zentraidi ambassador from the origional Macross.The action revolves around the battles between the Macross 7 fleet and the "Protodevilin" and their fleet. In the end they prove once again that song and spirit win the war.


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