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The Macross 7 Image Gallery : Personalities

"Oh where? Where was it that we all came from? Carried into space as we fell into our endless sleep. The truth behind the riddle has disappeared, hidden away...behind a veil of half-memories. Hidden away, in the ocean's depths. On we went searching for the answer that would release us from our endless sleep."

Advisor Exedor and Captain Max on the bridge of Battle 7

Lt. Gamlin of Diamond Force with Mayor Millia

Fire Bomber's Nekki Basara with Mayor Millia

Formula for a Love Triangle : Mylene and Basara and Gamlin

Fire Bomber's zentraidi drummer Veffidias Freaze

Fire Bomber's promoter Akiko Hojo

Space Biker Gang leader, Rex

Protodevilin Sybil

Bridge Officer Sally Ford

The Bridge Bunnies


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