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Max's Girl

Sally Ford

Name : Sally S. Ford Birthdate : June 6, 2024 Hair : pale blue Eyes : brown Skin : pale Position : Communications Bridge Officer, Battle 7 Commanding Officer : Maximillian Jenius, Captain of Battle 7 and Commander of the Macross 7 Fleet

Sally is the communications officer on Battle 7. She seems to have the same duties Misa Hayase had on board the SDF-01 though she's not Max's XO (that position was vacated by Millia upon her election to Mayor of City 7 and has not since been filled or so it seems - when Max leads a mission off ship, he leaves Millia in charge, so I guess she's still XO). Bright and self-possessed Sally stands out among her peers. Sally keeps her hair regulation short but she has a ubiquitous lock of hair which refuses to be held back, not unlike Max himself.

Sally proves her mettle when the fleet comes under attack as she is primarily in charge of the transformation of Battle 7. Though she's never performed a real transformation, she doesn't hesitate. Sally trusts Captain Max as her commanding officer completely but is at the same time confident enough to question him. Sally is good friends with the other bridge officers, especially Miho Miho, and other officers and crewmembers. Her good friend Lt. Kinryu is killed in a crucial battle; Sally is heartbroken, but she understands the sacrifices necessary for freedom.

Sally has something of a crush on Captain Max despite being over 10 years younger than his oldest daughter and only 7 years older than his youngest (but then, she's not alone in her affection; she's just the boldest). Of course, there has always only been one woman for Maximillian Jenius, his current estrangement from her has not altered his true feelings any; his heart will ever belong to Millia.

But, hey! You can't blame a girl for trying!

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