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Name : Sivil / Sybil Race : protodevilin Hair : purple Eyes : red Skin : pale with dark marks Position : Commander in Geppernich's Army Commanding Officer : Geppernich, Leader of the Varutian Faction Motto : Anima Spiritia! Message : "I will never forget your song"

Sivil is the first protodevilin awakened with stolen Spiritia. As her first action she completey destroys the remainder of the Macross 7 Fleet's valkyries, having just folded to City 7 (Battle 7 and the rest of the Fleet were delayed). Sivil is driven back only by Basara's singing. In a later fight, Sivil falls to City 7 and begins wreaking havoc; her mere prescence sending any and all zentraidi citizens out of control. Sivil has the ability to possess someone's body and she does so twice to get closer to Basara, whose strong Spiritia ("Anima Spiritia") both attracts and repels her.

She finally confronts him herself and their kiss blows both of them away; sending her into a comatose state for quite some time. Basara finds her and attempts to revive her using his song. Eventually Sivil is awakened; but by then both she and Gigil, a fellow protodevilin who is deeply in love with her are targeted for death as traitors by Geppernitch. Gigil uses the last of his energy to kill Geppernitch's chosen executioner, allowing both Sivil and the Macross 7 fleet to escape. Sivil accidentally empties Basara of Spiritia, nearly killing him. This distresses her so mush she refuses to ever take Spiritia again and turns on her superiors and indeed her whole race. Thus the power of song is again triumphant.

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