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Maximillian Jenius

"His life was in danger, but in another way his life was there, staring at him, a knife in her hand - the person, he was sure, he couldn't live without."

Birthdate : 1993
Hair : blue
Eyes : blue
Skin : pale
Affiliation : UNSpacey
Rank : Captain
Position : Captain of Battle 7 and Commander of the Macross 7 Fleet
Marital Status : married 2010 to Millia Fallyna
Children : Komillia, Emilia,Miracle, Miranda, 
				 Muse, Therese and Mylene


Maximillian Jenius was born to fly. His natural gifts, miraculous coordination and superior speed made him a legend before his 16th birthday. But he remained quiet, unassuming and kind unless some evil threatened. His good natured optimism was as welcome on the SDF-01 as his spectacular skills were. His stunning flying and fighting skills even attracted the attention of the enemy...


Max Jenius met his match in Millia Fallyna. Though he defeated her in battle, she was the most capable opponent he ever encountered. Their courtship consisted of battle and so in a sense both won and both lost - their hearts. Max loved Millia before he knew her name, he didn't stop when she revealed herself to be the enemy. He never regarded her in strictly human terms, instead showing an insight as strong as his flying skills. Max's love for Millia grew with each passing moment and it never diminished even in the face of anger, separation, and blame. Max has never loved any other woman, his heart will ever belong to Millia.


Max was a brilliant pilot, the best of the best. But he has proven to be an exceptional Commander as well. Max commands Battle 7 and her surrounding Macross 7 Fleet. He takes his post very seriously and his personal life has suffered because of it. He is a strong leader and cares deeply for every person under his command and each and every citizen they protect. Max has a strong sense of duty but he strives for peace. His natural gifts extend to command and he has the respect and affection of his crew.


Max and Millia have seven daughters. In his affection for little Komillia when she was a baby and young Mylene, the baby of the family, we see he is an adoring father. Max watches Mylene's stage debut from afar and asks after her whenever he gets the chance. When she becomes a member of Sound Force, he is frightened for her safety but acknowledges her skills and her determination and accepts her decision to join. Their relationship becomes closer as a result of her being assigned under him. Max is a loving, caring, playful, proud father.

Remember Love

Maximillian Jenius was a brilliant pilot and a good man before he met Millia Fallyna. But Millia is his heart. Millia is his dream. Millia is his life. Without her, he may remain a brilliant pilot, an exceptional commander, a loving father, a good man; but without her, some vital part of his soul would be missing. After 35 plus years, Max still lives for Millia. Max will always love his Millia; his brave, beautiful, proud, unforgiving Millia; the person, he is sure, he couldn't live without.

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