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Children of the Stars

Max and Millia's Seven Daughters

Max and Millia were the first human and zentraidi to marry and the first to have a half-human/half-zentraidi child. Three decades later, they have seven half-human/half-zentraidi children. These seven daughters, born all over the galaxy are proof seven times over the love shared between Max and Millia Jenius.

Birhdate : March, 2011

Komillia ("Little Millia") was the first child born to a human and a zentraidi. With her bright green hair she looked just like her melantraidi mother and was thus named after her. Komillia was something of a miracle to many people, including her starstruck parents. She was instrumental in a military operation to recover a factory from the zentraidi forces. Held high in her triumphant mother's arms in a tiny pink and white flight suit she disturbed the zentraidi so much they were unable to fight.

Komillia appears in the first Macross series as an infant. She is adorable, winning over everyone in New Macross. She survives her mother's sometimes rough handling (Millia, after all, never had a mother and is somewhat, actually, entirely inexperienced) and enjoys playing with her father's always unruly hair. Komillia also apperars as a character in a later Macross video game all grown up and quite the pilot like her famous parents before her.

Birthdate : February 2, 2031

Mylene is the baby of the family. Born on the Red Moon space carrier, she travels with her parents aboard City 7 in the Macross 7 Fleet. She has made a name for herself as the bassist and second vocalist in the Valkyrie flying rock band Fire Bomber!; and as a key member of the Civillian-Military operative Sound Force.

As a pilot, Mylene has inherited a great deal of the talent which made her parents famous. As a performer, Mylene has charmed most of the galaxy as Fire Bomber!'s most winsome and winning member. She's also embroiled herself in a love triangle between the group's lead guitrist and vocalist, Nekki Basara and a lieutenant in UN Spacy, Gamlin Kizaki. Mylene idolizes Basara despite his continuous teasing and she really cares for Gamlin despite his all too serious side. As for her two famous parents, Mylene worries somewhat over their strained relationship and at one point even schemes to bring them back together. Millia's overprotectiveness drives Mylene to leave her home in favor of living with the rest of Fire Bomber! in the slums of City 7.

Mylene is determined to show Basara, Gamlin and her parents she is all grown up and in need of no protection. This leads to many rash decisions on her part and often lands her in the middle of whatever trouble is currently brewing. She usually rises to the occasion however, proving to everyone, including herself, just how strong she really is. Mylene's relationship with her mother is strained by Millia's overprotective side, but she truly admires her mother and recognizes she is much like her. Her relationship with her father is warmer but due to his career it's distant. When she joins Sound Force, she falls directly under his command which strenghthens their bond as he comes to see just how much like his Millia she really is.

Mylene appears in Macross 7, Macross 7 The Movie, Macross 7 Encore and Macross Dynamite 7.

Birthdate : 2024

Emilia appears in the Macross 7 movie as a macronized zentraidi. She has a sing-off with Basara of Fire Bomber! and later helps in an attack by the Varuta forces. Emilia is a middle sister; she has 4 older sisters and two younger. She has a few family pictures on her wall including a family portrait taken upon Mylene's birth.

Emilia is a singer like her younger sister, but unlike Mylene she does not belong to a rock band nor is she at all famous. Emilia sings to the mountains on a remote planet, scaring the populus with her giant's voice. Basara finds her here and they become embroiled in a "Sing-off"; Barsara wins and Emilia crumples into tears much like her mother did when she was defeated by Max in the park. Emilia brings Basara and his little friend, Pedro to her home where she tells a lovely story about why she became a singer : to follow in the footsteps of the immortal Lynn-Minmei, as seen in the movie Macross : Do You Remember Love?. It is not revealed how or why she was macronized(though both her parents appear in the film as macrons). Emilia has her own suit of Melantraidi Power Armor which greatly resembles her mother's old suit but has a few special modifications.

Emilia proves to be as headstrong as her mother, as courageous as her father and as musically inclined as her younger sister. She has a powerful voice and finds a kindred spirit in Basara. She finds a new home with the people of the village she saves at the end of the movie.

Emilia appears in Macross 7 : The Movie which was released in conjunction with Macross Plus : The Movie in Japan.

Sadly, nothing more than their birthdates is as yet known about these four middle sisters. Miracle was born six year after her big sister, Komillia; Muse and Therese are twins born in 2022; and Miranda was born in 2026; five years before Baby Mylene.

The Jenius Family Tree

*This information from EX Anime thanks to Eowyn.

Dana appears as a green-haired baby girl toward the end of the first series of Robotech and as grown up young woman with blonde hair in the second series (Southern Cross) of Robotech. As an infant she is the americanized version of Komillia, as an adult she is a recreated americanized version of somebody else. Nevertheless, in Robotech history, she is the daughter of Max and Miriya Sterling and the first child born to a human and a zentraidi.

Dana is famous as a child but she is a star in her own right and really comes into her own in her series. She comes off as a bit whiny, but in truth she's just as strong as her parents.

Dana appears as an infant in the first Robotech series and as an adult in the second, Southern Cross.

Aurora is Dana's little sister. In the Robotech Universe Max and Miriya prove to be the exception that proves the rule and Dana and Aurora are the only known children of mixed blood. Aurora, however, is even more special. She ages at an accelerated rate and has telepathic powers with which she can communicate across distances and sometimes seemingly see into the future. Aurora is a very special child who changes the life of everyone she touches, starting with her mother. Upon Aurora's birth Miriya and then Max give up their military ways and eventually become ambassadors.

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