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Hayami Sho and Takede Eri

Name : Hayami Sho
Birthday : August 2, 1958
Bloodtype : A
Select Roles : Maximillian Jenius (Macross / Macross 7)
               Marj (Macross Plus)
               Ajo (Key the Metal Idol)
               Makoto Yamamoto (Irresponsible Captain Tyler)

Name : Takede Eri
Birthday : ???
Bloodtype : ???
Select Roles : Millia Fallyna Jenius (Macross / Macross 7)
Takede Eri is Millia's seiyuu (voice actor) in both Super Dimensional Fortress Macross and Macross 7. The above picture is 15 years old. But if I didn't have said 15 year old picture I might not believe she truly exists. No information on Eri is available anywhere! So, if you come across any mention of her, please Tell Me! Thank you.

Who is Takede Eri?

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