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The Children of Max and Millia Image Gallery

Komillia Maria Fallyna Jenius

Emilia Jenius

"I cried because of sadness in the rain...An unforgettable love song...What is the secret of that mysterious power?"

"When I was a child I saw the Lynn Minmei movie. It was a strange movie because such a tiny girl stopped the whole zentraidi fleet with her song. I told my dad and mom it's only fiction but they said it really happened and Minmei did exist. So I made up my mind to become a great singer like Minmei."

"I bring my fading burning heart along with my song because it can't be passed on by words!"

"I want to keep on searching...Even if it looks like an illusion I'll find it. Don't give up, even if its a tiny light...Until the unseen power awakens...Forever!"

Mylene Flare Jenius

"God is too busy at the moment, he cannot lend us a hand... Not everything can be good sometimes the storm comes..."

"In that night of despair you won't ever be alone...As long as you believe I'll make you love tommorrow...As long as you believe the sun will rise tommorrow."

"I won't show my tears, I'll be strong...Until we catch a hold of our dream it's our job to continue to run...If we dream it's because the dream should be there!"

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