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The Max and Millia in the Movies Image Gallery

MACROSS : Do You Remember Love?

Briefly chronicling the love affair of Maximillian Jenius and Millia "639"

"Do you remember the moment our eyes met for the first time?"

"Life is only what we choose to make it, Let us take it, Let us be free! We can find the glory we all dream of and with our love - We can win!"

"We shall live the day we dream of winning and beginning a new life! We will win! We must win!"

"The Lynn-Minmei Story" starring Fire Bomber's Nekki Basara as Hikaru and Mylene Jenius as Minmei!

Also starring Captain Maximillian Jenius and Mayor Millia Fallyna Jenius... themselves!

"Zoom! Zoom! My boyfriend is a pilot!"

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