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Maximillian Jenius born in Europe, Earth


Millia Fallyna created by the Zentraidi Synthetic cloning process


The Super Dimensional Space Fortess 01 is launched and accidentally folds to Pluto carrying with it Macross Island and all its citizens

October 10

Corporal Maximillian Jenius assigned to Vermillian Team under Lt. Hikaru Ichijyo


Three Macross crewmembers, Misa Hayase, Hikaru Ichijyo and Hayao Kakizaki are taken prisoner by the Zentraidi; Maximillian Jenius is trapped on the Zentraidi ship along with them and effects a rescue. The four escape and return to the SDF-01.

The SDF-01 returns to Earth


Millia Fallyna leads an assault on the SDF-01 against orders in an attempt to draw out a famed Micronian ace. Maximillian Jenius rises to the challenge. Despite numerous tactics, Millia is defeated and, vowing revenge, retreats. Roy Fokker is killed in the attack.

Hikaru Ichijyo is made Skull Leader, his wingmen Maximillian Jenius and Hayao Kakizaki are promoted with him.

Millia Fallyna is micronized and infiltrates the SDF-01 to find and kill the Micronian pilot who bested her.



Screening of the first film filmed in Space Little White Dragon starring Lynn-Minmei and Lynn-Kyle. At the screening, Max sees a beautiful young woman with green hair and angry eyes and falls instantly in love.

Max and Millia meet for the first time at the arcade and have a second mini battle which Max again wins. Millia agrees to meet him in the park.

Millia attempts to kill Max, but instead the two fall in love and are married. Their wedding, the first between a human and a zentraidi is broadcast from the SDF-01.


The war (Space War I) between the Zentraidi and the Earth humans ends.



Komillia Maria Fallyna Jenius, the first steller interracial child is born to Maximillian and Millia Fallyna Jenius


Operation to capture a factory satellite begins; the Jenius family, including little Komillia, are integral to the plan


Miracle Jenius born.


Twin girls Muse and Therese Jenius born.


Emilia Jenius born


Miranda Jenius born.


Major Maximillian Jenius appointed as ship captain of the stealth space cruiser Harna.


Captain Millia Fallyna Jenius appointed as Eagle Nest Aerial Tactics Center instructor, "Eagle Mother"



United Nations Government Chairperson rescue operation; the prototype YF-11s are introduced into actual combat for the first time. After the completion of the operation, the two Jeniuses are granted special leave.



Mylene Flare Jenius born to Maximillian and Millia Fallyna Jenius onboard the space carrier Red Moon in flight near the Eta Carina Nebula

The historical film, MACROSS : Do You Remember Love? is released to wide acclaim. It inspires a new wave of Minmei fandom which includes 7 year old Emilia Jenius.


The 37th long-distance colonization fleet, centered around the 7th new Macross class battleship, is launched. Captain Maximillian Jenius and Second-in-Command Captain Millia Fallyna Jenius are assingned to its command. Their youngest daughter accomponies them.



Millia Fallyna Jenius is installed as Mayor of Macross 7 by election.



The Macross 7 Fleet has its first hostile encounter with an unknown enemy later revealed to be the Varuta Army. Meanwhile, the band Fire Bomber! has its first live performance with newest member Mylene Jenius. The band's leader Nekki Basara leaves the stage to enter battle in his specially equipped Fire Valkyrie VF-19.

The Varuta infiltrate City 7.


The Lynn-Minmei Story is filmed starring Fire Bomber!'s Mylene Jenius as Minmei and Nekki Basara as Hikaru; it also showcases Captain Maximillian Jenius and Mayor Millia Fallyna Jenius as themselves.

The Varuta operatives manipulate City 7 into folding away from the rest of the Macross 7 Fleet.


The protodevilin Sivil is awakened and soon infiltrates City 7 causing unrest among the zentraidi citizens.

Battle 7 is able to contact City 7 but the Varuta fold the City away once again.


City 7 is captured in the gravitational pull of star Alpha 1101. It is recovered by the combined efforts of Captain Max, Mayor Millia, Lt. Gamlin and singing pilot Basara. City 7 is joyfulkly reunited with Battle 7 and the rest of the Macross 7 Fleet.


Sound Force, a joint civillian-military operation is formed; its members are the members of Fire Bomber!

The Macross 7 Fleet arrives at the planet Rax and finds the Macross 5 Fleet and Coloney destroyed. The Varuta main fleet arrives and the ensuing battle results in the Macross 7 Fleet landing on the planet.



Operation : Stargazer; a special task force is formed for an offensive attack against the Varuta. Captain Maximillian Jenius leads the attack in the new VF-22S. Captain (Mayor) Millia Jenius takes command of Battle 7 and the Macross 7 Fleet.

The final battle of the Varuta/Protodevilin War ends when the song energy of Fire Bomber! revives the protodevilin leader, and they become a Spiritia (life energy) self-regenerating race.

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